Leonard R. Stamm Becomes Dean of the National College for DUI Defense

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Leonard R. Stamm became the Dean of the National College for DUI Defense. At the annual summer session, held at Austin Hall at Harvard Law School (the College is not affiliated with Harvard Law School, it just rents space), before lunch, Stamm gave the Dean’s Address.  Also in attendance was Professor Alan Dershowitz, who answered questions about the future of the criminal justice system.

The three day summer session featured lectures by Larry Taylor, James Farragher Campbell, Tommy Kirk, Jim Nesci, Joe St. Louis, Mimi CoffeyPaul Homoly, Howard Nations, John Henry Hingson, Scott Joye, Bell Island and Jessica Phipps.   Breakout sessions were also held where students were able to refine their skills on opening statements and cross-examination of police officers.

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