Governor Hogan’s Veto of Bill to De-criminalize Marijuana Paraphernalia Makes No Sense

Governor Hogan vetoed a bill that would have removed criminal penalties from possession of paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana. This legislation is needed to eliminate an inconsistency in the law because it is no longer criminal to possess under 10 grams of marijuana in Maryland. However, according to a Washington Post article, “The governor said he vetoed the marijuana legislation because it would have created uncertainty about whether individuals can smoke pot while driving.” This makes no sense at all. In Maryland it is illegal to drive while impaired by a drug if it makes the driver unable to drive safely and while under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, including marijuana. While a glance at the legislation shows that a provision specifically making it illegal to smoke marijuana while driving was deleted from the bill, the omission of that provision does not change the law on driving while impaired by drugs or while under the influence of controlled dangerous substances.

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