Congress, please stop this insanity before it is too late!

This is not and will never be normal.  Trump’s continued lying and fabrications are the product of a deeply disturbed mind. Congress, we cannot continue like this for four years and you know it.

• Refugees coming from Mexico are not likely to be criminals and rapists.
• Refugees from Muslim countries who have been already subject to extreme vetting are not likely to be terrorists.
• Obama was not born in Kenya.
• Obama is not a Muslim.
• Millions of voters did not vote illegally for Hillary to throw the popular vote.
• Clinton voters were not bused in to New Hampshire.
• Human caused climate change is not a hoax created by the Chinese.
• Cruz’s dad did not help to kill Kennedy.
• Thousands of Arabs did not celebrate 9/11 in New Jersey.
• Obama did not organize protests.
• The protesters are not paid.
• Obama did not wiretap Trump.
• Obama and Hillary did not found ISIS.
• The inauguration was not the biggest inauguration ever.
• Trump does not have a secret plan to defeat Isis.
• Trump lied when he said no one associated with his campaign met with Russians during the campaign.
• It is not ok to intentionally kill the families of your enemies.
• It is not ok to torture.
• It is not ok to steal Iraq’s oil.
• It is not ok to grab womens’ pussies, and it is NOT locker room talk.

Trump has shown himself to be completely divorced from reality and extremely reckless.  He is a pathological liar.  There will never be a pivot.  Give him a chance?  He has already had too much of a chance.  This cannot possibly end well.

We are all in danger not only of his extreme right wing and racist policies and of an administration following a philosophy of destroying the government agencies that protect us and our environment. We are in danger that he will through his failure to acknowledge reality coupled with his paranoia, ignorance, stupidity, narcissism, and emotional instability, start a chain of events that will lead to war(s) or another calamity or calamities. As Michael Hayden recently said, Trump was willing to sacrifice his own reputation, the reputation of the presidency, and Obama’s reputation and accuse Obama of committing a felony without any evidence to reverse a bad news cycle.  Nothing is sacred.

Many Republicans look the other way, and some even support the outrageous lies spewing from Trump’s deranged mind.  In the 1930’s and 40’s, many Germans did not speak up when they could have made a difference.  There was a world war and a Holocaust.  If you are silent now, you are part of the problem.  Republicans in Congress, if you fail to confront him, Trump supporters, if you continue to live in your fantasy world, you will be held responsible for the tragic events you caused or failed to prevent that become more likely every day.

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Author: 2015 update to Maryland Evidence: State and Federal by Professor Lynn McLain


“Patience, Perseverance, Persuasion”

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